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Character Name

Willie McCoy

Also Known As


First Seen in

Guilty Pleasures

Character Description

Willie is Caucasian, and stands about 5'4'', with small hands and a slim build. He wears his short black hair slicked back from a thin, triangular face and has brown eyes. He laughs with a wheezing snicker and is a new enough vampire to still flash fangs accidentally when he smiles. He has a smarmy, twitchy manner, much like a stereotypical 1940's Hollywood gangster flunky. He tends to dress loudly, preferably in plaid and/or a bright Crayola primary color and shows a fondness for polyester.

Character Casting Picture

Steve Buscemi as Willie McCoy.

Character Occupation

General Manager of the Laughing Corpse Comedy Club.
Willie McCoy image from GP comic

Character Race

Vampire, Age: 2 vampire years as of the beginning of Guilty Pleasures.

Character Status


Character Associations and Ties

  • Willie is the boyfriend of the vampire Hannah.
  • He is bound to the Vampire Master of the City of St. Louis, Jean-Claude.
  • Anita Blake possesses some unexplored degree of personal power over Willy, both because she is bound in a Triumvirate of Power as Human Servant to Jean-Claude, and because she is a fledgling Necromancer who created a link with Willie by accidentally raising him from his daytime rest as a zombie under her control. Fellow vampires Damian and Liv were also raised as zombies at the same time. The accident occurred on the day Anita first forged the Triumvirate of Power between herself, Jean-Claude, and Werewolf Richard Zeeman.

Also seen in

The Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned, The Killing Dance, Burnt Offerings, Narcissus in Chains, ....?

Character Factoids

  • "Willie McCoy" are the first two words of the Anita Blake series. (GP)
  • Willie is the first character to be introduced in the Anita Blake Series. (GP)
  • Willie and Anita are nearly the same height. (GP)
  • Willie is punished by Nikolaos for not succeeding in hiring Anita to investigate the vampire murders. She locked him in a cross wrapped coffin for a few day. (GP)
  • He tried to help Anita when Nikolaos found her outside the freak house, but he is oathed to Nikolaos and must obey her. (GP)
  • He was again punished when he tried to tell Anita that Nikolaos had abducted Phillip and planned to torture him. (GP)
  • Anita found Willie in a punishment coffin at the end of GP. She freed him and left him to rise at nightfall.
  • Anita says at the end of GP that for a vampire, Willie was OK.
  • He has a fear of zombies but has a greater fear of Jean-Claude discovering his weakness and subsequently using it as a tool to punish Willy for any future transgressions.(tLuC)
  • He keeps a pair of fuzzy dice hanging in his coffin. (tKD)
  • Willie is the first vampire Anita accepts as a friend and one that she would protect. (tKD)
  • Anita knew Willie when he was still a human. He was the first vampire that she knew before and after. (GP)
  • Willie Calls Hannah "Angel Fangs" (BO)

Character Quotes

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Anonymous Willy the Vamp 2 Mar 13 2009, 10:12 PM EDT by MonRossignol
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What ever happened. Did I miss some thing? In one book he's the manager and in the next there's no mention of him. What happened?!
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triscut perfert picture!!! 1 Feb 25 2008, 3:33 AM EST by moongazer
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Now that i see it, Steve Bescemi is just a perfect image for Willie!!! Bravo.

Also, remember in BO that Anita was able to push the Traveller out of Willie because of that tie/link.

Also, Willie is one of the people on Anita's 'list' that she would save. I believe that she says this in the Killing Dance.
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